Turepay uses DAG Technology
to change payment issues

Turepay Super Wallet will support 50 major digital currencies, all digital assets take a lightning transfer less than 4 second, that gives a solution of slowly transfer between other digital currencies, the decentralized exchange inside wallet makes the transaction more security, makes depose and withdraw faster, and there will be no more highly expensive transaction fee,The main network is currently under development.

What is turepay mainnet? What

Turepay mainnet is a public chain developed by our team. Later more applications will be developed in our mainnet.

Data transparency

All data is public by default.

Token development

Anyone can develop their chain,and can ICO.

Trading faster

We use DAG technology to develop, And make transaction transfer faster.

Turepay Worth WORTH

Turepay will add more applications to payment technology later in development.

We will be on the mainnet, TUP will get more applications, and our TUP will also show value in more places,More ecology, Stay tuned.

  1. Investments in TUP will get more dividends and fee rewards later.
  2. More projects ,Developed and applied on the Turepay mainnet.
  3. The value of investing in TUP is a late reward and more ecological applications.
  4. Turepay gets more investor recognition.

Turepay application scenario SCENES

Turepay Mainnet is online, more applications, please stay tuned

Appreciation Investment

  • Market Selling, Wallet Transfer Fees and Wallet Mining.
  • Mainnet development application, the main node votes

Technology Applications

  • Open APIs to Third Party Platforms.
  • Develop your own DAPP
  • Unlimited expansion to solve payment processing delays

Anonymous Payment

  • Turepay Wallet can encrypt transactions and guarantee anonymity.
  • Turepay mainnet protects every transaction security.
  • The data is automatically stored, and the mainnet is directly recorded, and cannot be changed.

Cross-border transfers

  • Turepay Wallet can be used to make wallet
  • cross-border transfers to enable currency conversion.
  • Tup can convert mainwork token,Automatic conversion in turepay wallet Legal currency

Turepay Super Pay TUREPAY

TUP uses its own DAG technology to deal with payment issues better, faster and cheaper.Link to the turepay mainnet, data is safer

Infinite expansion

DAG directed acyclic graph, can process 200,000 transactions per second.

Fraud Reduction

All transactions are recorded on the mainnet,avoid data string changes

Next Generation Wallet

Turepay wallet can dock more than 50 mainstream tokens,Wallet transfer is faster

Nodes control

All transactions require TUP node voting control,Open node campaign later

Full Transparency

The mainnet records any transaction data and cannot be changed.

Very Low Fees

Use tup to deduct the transaction transfer fee to a minimum,There is no handling fee for transfer within turepay wallet

Instant confirmation

TUP initiates a transaction, you can instantly confirm that you no longer need to wait long.

Crypto Payment

All payments are encrypted and protected for data security,And automatically stored in the mainnet

Turepay App Apps

The turepay wallet will be online soon, so stay tuned.

The turepay wallet is an encrypted wallet that connects directly to the turepay mainnet. The data is automatically stored and viewed by anyone, and cannot be changed.

  • Decentralized
  • Data Crypto
  • Privacy Enhancement
  • Low cost
  • Cross-border transfer

Turepay Token TOKEN

TUP Token (TUP) Will be released on the Ethereum platform .

Token Quantity

200,000,000 TUP

Sponsor Token

20,000,000 TUP (10%)

Team Reserves

10,000,000 TUP

Sponsor exchange rate

1 ETH = 80000 TUP, Reward 80000TUP(100%)

Community Building

60,000,000 TUP

Token dividends

60,000,000 TUP

Phase one Phase two Phase three

of tokens

of proceeds


Q2 2018

First round of airdrop

The second round of airdrops began

Q3 2018

White paper release

Expected on-line exchange

Fund cooperation

Q4 2018

Turepay mainnet test

TUP conversion mainnet token preparation

Q1 2019

Mainnet stable version Open test

Turepay Wallet APP

Q2 2019

The third round of airdrop, APP on-line invitation system to obtain TUP

Mainnet token conversion

Q3 2019

Mainnet DAPP development and application

Node operation

Q4 2019

Tturepay More Ecology

Powered Team TEAM

Alan Kardo
CEO & Founder

The founder of turepay, Alan Kardo graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University He has 25 year experience in IT industry and several successful businesses in his track record.

Graf Mourja
CTO & Co-Founder

Graf Mourja studied computational Visualistics and graduated as a computer scientist. has also been working in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies for over 3 years.

Marc Renton

Marc Renton As an Anchor Investor and financial market expert, he plans future investments together with the management of the turepay..

Mateusz Malczewski
Core developer,Engineer

Former relationship manager for developers . Focused on cryptocurrency development and collaborations.


Gleb Kolosov
Business Advisor

Gleb Kolosov is a strategic thinker with a passion for applying rigour and strong analysis to planning and idea evaluation, turning the big picture into practical, real initiatives.

Vinayak Chaturvedi
Legal Advisor

Vinayak Chaturvedi is an experienced business, tax and Fintech consultant, who advises clients on Fintech strategies.

Ivan Zelenko
Smart Contract Advisor,Project Manager

Ivan Zelenko has nearly 20 years of professional software engineer experience under his belt..


TUP Token Airdrop

We have a total amount of 200 million tokens. We have 20% of the previous airdrops for community supporters. TUP has a transfer credit deduction (post wallet) And more TUREPAY eco use. We have 3 rounds of airdrops. If you don’t get our airdrop tokens in the first round, please Wait for the next round


First airdrop

You only need to transfer 0 ETH to our official contract address to get an empty investment token. Each address is limited once, and the number of airdrops is 16 million TUP tokens.

Second airdrop

After the first round, we will soon arrange a second round of airdrops. The number of tokens for the second round of airdrops will be reduced, and only 14 million toup tokens will be dropped. Requirements: Invited link through the official website to join the telegram

Third round airdrop

After the TUP Wallet test is completed, APP open registration invites to get an airdrop TUP. The more rewards the invitation will be, the more 10 million TUP tokens will be dropped.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Below we’ve provided a bit of token, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Blockchain is a public ledger of information collected through a network that sits on top of the internet. It is how this information is recorded that gives blockchain its groundbreaking potential..

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money built on blockchain technology that only exists online. Cryptocurrencies use cryptography to verify and secure transactions, hence their name.

One of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology is that it's entirely decentralized. We examine how this system works, what it means for our future and why it is so revolutionary.

Blockchain consensus protocols are what keep all the nodes on a network synchronized with each other

Sponsor is to support project team development, but not ICO, sponsor is generally recognized for team technology and development.

Generally for the sponsor, the project party will give away some of the tokens, and the later dividends and profits will be shared with the sponsors.

Currently our project only accepts ETH.

If you sponsor, please fill out the form on the sponsorship page, we will automatically distribute rewards and dividends later.

Turepay is a super payment network platform, the mainnet online line allows users to create their own tokens and DAPP, and Turepay also has its own independent wallet, which can quickly pay and redeem any token.Check out our white paper for more information.

Due to legal reasons, our project does not have ICO

Please check our road map, generally normal can be completed on time.

The turepay Project is Russia, but we are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Every user on the Turepay platform needs to use a TUP token to use its services.In addition, all payments on the Turepay platform must be settled with a TUP token.

Contract Address: 0xc44948cbbaf37a4d7f1315c08972b4338080bf59 Other Details:

We are smart contracts, as long as the ETH to smart contract address is transferred as required, the TUP token is automatically transferred to the wallet, and the exchange wallet is not available.

Since we have been working on the mainnet for overtime in the recent period, the second phase of the airdrop TUP is on hold, but we will send it soon.

If you haven't already, join our Telegram Group to chat directly with the team and the community. Or send an email to:

We will give rewards to community builders, please contact us.

Recently we will join the community and prepare to vote online kkcoin.

Please pay attention to our telegram, Twitter.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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